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Looking for carpet cleaning on the Flyde Coast?

Your carpets can hold as much as four times their weight in dirt. They are a catch-all for pet hair, dust mites, pet urine, dead skin cells, insect faeces, insect husks, bacteria, mold, volatile organic compounds, and many other types of allergens clinging to the fibers. For those who have environmental allergies, this can be a serious health issue. In fact, dirty carpets can lead to serious health problems in otherwise healthy people.

We provide:


  • Carpets and Upholstery Deep Clean

  • Leather Suites Cleaned

  • Scotch Guard® and Fabric Protector

  • Sanitization and deodorization of carpets and upholstery

We believe in all our services and pride ourselves in providing our customers with the best value possible. Call or message us today for a free no obligation quotation.

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